Bray to get more e-bikes after 1,000 users logged in first week

The demand has resulted in new bikes and stands being added around the town, Green Party Councilor Erika Doyle has confirmed.

“I anticipated that the scheme would be a success given the amount of people that contacted me in advance of the launch, but it has exceeded expectations, said Cllr Doyle.

“So far, almost 3,000 bike trips have taken place since the scheme was launched on June 18. Almost 7,000 kilometers have been cycled using the Bolt eBikes.

“I have been speaking to people who are using the bikes for fun, to go to the supermarket, for some exercise, to get to and from work, or to get to public transport. Many of these are car users who are using the bikes as an alternative and each one of them takes a town center car journey off the road.

“This is a pilot scheme but instead of waiting until the end of a defined time period to make changes and react to demand, the live data means that Bolt can monitor areas of high and low demand, and the types of journey made, and adapt the scheme accordingly. This is done with the co-operation of the Bray Municipal District who assists in providing the infrastructure.

“Already this week [of July 10], new stands and bikes are being provided around the town. The Herbert Road, for example, has shown itself to be an area of ​​high demand and new stands are being installed there.

“Every time you log on to the app and look for a bike close to you, that request is logged. If a large number of people are looking to pick up a bike in a location that doesn’t have any, that information is fed back and shows up as an area that could use a stand,” Cllr Doyle explained.

“An added boon for pushbike users is that the Bray council will be installing additional bike parking stands around the town that can cater for regular bikes as well.

“Many of us will continue to use our pushbikes most of the time while taking the occasional spin on a Bolt bike and the infrastructure is beneficial for us too. Needless to say, I am still pushing for more full active travel schemes around the town that will make cycling safer, not just for cyclists, but pedestrians and drivers too.

“It is hoped that over time the stands will be introduced to more private commercial spaces, expanding the usability of the scheme for people living in the town.

“If anyone has any questions about the scheme feel free to contact me,” concluded Cllr Doyle.

The bikes can be found at a variety of designated locations throughout the town – including Shoreline Leisure, Petitts-SuperValu on the Southern Cross, Ballymore lands on the Dublin Road and Bray DART Station – and rented at a rate of €0.18 per minute. You can also get a day pass for €6 (4 x 15 min journeys in 24 hours) or a weekly pass for €30 (4 x 15 min journeys per day for a week).

The app can be downloaded at: and feedback can be sent to [email protected].

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