Five EastEnders spoilers: explosive exit and devastating baby news

ONE resident outgrows Walford this week and heads across the pond for a new opportunity.

Meanwhile, a couple gets another devastating baby bombshell. Get the lowdown on all the EastEnders drama.

What does the future hold for Zack Hudson and Whitney Dean after the loss of their baby?


What does the future hold for Zack Hudson and Whitney Dean after the loss of their baby?credits: BBC
One EastEnder's secret is slowly coming to light


One EastEnder’s secret is slowly coming to lightcredits: BBC
Suki Panesar strikes back against her husband


Suki Panesar strikes back against her husbandcredits: BBC
She even puts herself in danger for her daughter Ash


She even puts herself in danger for her daughter Ashcredits: BBC

1. Shock exit

Actress Gurlaine Kaur Garcha is moving on to new projects, months after she came back to the Square following a previous absence.

This week on BBC One, her on-screen alter ego Ash Panesar tells her father Nish (Navin Chowdhry) that she’s been re-offered a job in Canada – which she’d already missed out on.

Meanwhile, her mother Suki (Balvinder Sopal) is trying to get Nish to leave Walford to tend to their business in Leeds.

That is until Nish enlists her to dissuade Ash from accepting the offer.

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Ash has been working at the Panesar House Surgery since its opening in July, 2022, and the villainous Nish has been eager to keep the family empire alive.

However, Suki has other plans and refuses to watch her daughter become trapped the way she did.

Wanting Ash to spread her wings, Suki manipulates her into accepting the job by suggesting that she isn’t capable.

Due to their complicated relationship, Suki knows her daughter will accept her spite.

Suki later tells Nish there was nothing she could do, and the pair head to The Vic to raucously celebrate Ash leaving.

Unfortunately for Suki, Nish soon becomes enraged when he becomes aware of his wife’s defect and threatens her back at No. 41.

Is Suki in danger?

The market trader has recently terminated her pregnancy


The market trader has recently terminated her pregnancycredits: BBC

2. Whitney gets another blow (21530734)

After finding out that her unborn baby was suffering from Edwards’ syndrome, Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty) made the crushing decision to terminate her pregnancy.

The beloved market trader opted for an abortion when doctors revealed her child would have little chance of survival before, during and after birth.

But there’s another devastating bombshell for her and Zack Hudson (James Farrar) this week.

The pair are shaken to find out their daughter’s existence isn’t even legally recognized.

Reeling, Zack tries to find solace in the faith room in the hospital but is agitated by the nonchalant attitude of an expectant father.

Later on, Whitney softens to the idea of ​​spending time with little Peach after speaking to Nurse Lynsey.

Her and Zack share a tender final moment with their daughter before the ultimate goodbye.

But the pain of losing Peach is still unbearable for both of them.

Zack is heartbroken


Zack is heartbrokencredits: BBC

3. Zack struggles to cope

Zack goes above and beyond to soothe both his and Whitney’s pain – but will his efforts be in vain?

As Whitney pushes her loved ones away, leaving Chelsea Fox and Sonia Fowler (respectively played by Zaraah Abrahams and Natalie Cassidy) more determined than ever to be there for her, Zack is desperately trying to come to terms with the loss.

He desperately wants to speak to Whitney but is also rejected, unaware that she wants to speak with him too.

Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean) tries to encourage her half-brother – but will it work?

In later scenes, Zack watches as Whitney continues to struggle with her emotions and has an idea.

He invites her to local wine bar Peggy’s where he offers her some money – but this falls flat with Whitney.

Will everything take a toll on him?


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Callum's career is moving forward


Callum’s career is moving forwardcredits: BBC

4. Callum has a life-changing offer

Jack Branning (portrayed by Scott Maslen) has been keeping an eye on Ravi Gulati (Aaron Thiara).

In scenes due to our screens, he finds the perfect ally for his investigation in the form of Callum Highway (Tony Clay).

He offers the hunk a promotion to Trainee Detective Constable and all seems well for the pair as they celebrate later on in The Vic with Ben (Max Bowden), Vi Highway (Gwen Taylor) and Patrick Trueman (Rudolph Walker).

Sadly, things took a turn for Callum when his first day in his new role began with other members of the force giving him a mocking nickname.

Jack is having none of it and sets to stamp out this behavior in the team before getting Callum to work trailing through the CCTV footage of Ravi.

The copper leaves Callum for his work, heading off to a family meal with his son Ricky Jr.

However, Callum soon makes a discovery he shouldn’t have and it means trouble for more than one Albert Square resident.

After some words of advice from Ben, Callum makes a decision – but what will he do?

Elsewhere in Walford, Jack’s wife Denise (Diane Parish) continues to worry about his investigation into Ravi due to his own actions, and she tries to persuade him to reconsider.

Later on at The Vic, Denise is fuming and jealous when Ravi walks in with a new date on his arm and she learns they’re heading to the same hotel of their last dalliance.

Stacey is struggling to make ends meet


Stacey is struggling to make ends meetcredits: BBC

5. Stacey reaches breaking point

Lily Slater is ready to become a mother after finding her tryst with Ricky Mitchell resulting in a surprise pregnancy.

But while she contemplates motherhood, her own mother Stacey (Lacey Turner) is left to think about finances for their entire family.

Coming up, Stacey continues to worry about money when the twelve-year-old reveals she needs a new uniform.

But with Whitney’s experience with Edwards’ Syndrome on her mind, Stacey feels more grateful than ever for her family.

Bolstered when thinking about her healthy family, Stacey goes on the hunt for extra work.

Her quest leads her straight to Linda Carter (Kellie Bright) for a part-time shift at The Vic.

Unfortunately, the landlady’s pub declines which leads to Stacey’s mother Jean (Gillian Wright) to secure additional cleaning work for both of them.

While the money is undoubtedly welcome, Stacey grows increasingly exhausted and, after taking on night shifts with Jean, she accidentally scolds her hand as she rushes to open her bap van.

In later scenes at the clinic, Stacey opens up to Sonia Fowler (Natalie Cassidy) about her mum-guilt and money struggles.

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But she then makes a shocking discovery.

EastEnders airs from Monday to Thursday on BBC One.

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