Want to Live Healthy? Let’s take a peek at 5 Healthy Lifestyle YouTube Channels

Want to Live Healthy?  Let’s take a peek at 5 Healthy Lifestyle YouTube Channels

Many people are now starting to put their health aside because of their busy activities and activities. However, with the development of technology, you can get a lot of information to live a healthy life. One of them is YouTube channels healthy lifestyle which is now much sought after.

Some of us already have the intention to live a healthy life, but are still confused about where to start and get inspiration and guidelines. Here is a YouTube channel that contains content and healthy living tips.

Dr. Josh Ax

The first channel is Dr. Josh Ax or commonly known as Dr. Ax, he’s a nutritionist, chiropractor, and also a specialist in herbal medicine. On his YouTube account, he shares health tips, from healthy food recipes to fitness.

Yulia Baltschun

This Youtuber is known for his content about healthy lifestyle. She often shares tips on diet, exercise, yoga and also eats healthy. Yulia Baltschun herself is a graduate major food productionso it’s no wonder he is so good at sharing lifestyle tips and healthy food.

Health Nut Nutrition

The third YouTube channel is Health Nut Nutrition. This video content is suitable for those of you who want to learn how to cook healthy food. Nichole as the manager often provides healthy eating recipes such as lowfat or gluten-freethese tips are useful for those of us who have long-term plans to provide healthy food on a daily basis.

Zaidul Akbar Official

dr. Zaidul Akbar Official is quite popular, especially among Muslims. He is one of the herbalist experts who often shares health tips from an Islamic perspective. One of the most popular is Rasulullah’s Healthy Movement (JSR) or the health trend of the Prophet Muhammad, Saw.

Fit Men Cook

Some of us must still think that healthy food is expensive and don’t have enough money to buy or even cook it. But now you have to throw that assumption away because Kevin Curry has a solution,

On the Fit Men Cook channel, he has tips on how to cook healthy dishes within a certain budget. Not only that, Kevin also shared tips on storing food to keep it fresh and healthy.

Those are some YouTube channels that focus on discussing a healthy lifestyle. It’s no longer difficult to find knowledge and information for a better life, right?

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